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This was another print I had for Anime Expo 2014! I think I draw Howl too much (luuuuuls). But it’s a good practice, away from landscapes and robots.


So I tried to have my mom name all of the Smash Bros characters and these were the results….

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Robin’s favorite time of day

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Happy Birthday, snow-p!!

WHOAAAA INDEED IT’S HUSBAND CHROM!! You know me so well hahahaha XD THANK YOU SO MUCH SHANNEN!!!!! There he is with his smile and dreamscape-isque atmosphere lalala… *goes on being an obsessed fangirl lol which I should do on my own time* Thank you so much I love it!   

You’re welcome!!  Yaay I’m so glad you like it :D Hope you’ve had a great day! *big hugs*


So this has probably been done, but seriously

Robin plz you’re a tactician. You should know better.

Happy Birthday, snow-p!!


i wanted to draw the old gaang but i didn’t know which outfits from which books to draw them in then i was like oh hang on

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Family means no one gets left behind:



Pic of the Day for July 16th!

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